The Revolutionary“ AAA Ballot

Voting with the AAA Ballot is all about three obvious FACTS: 

aaa ballot

1. We the People don’t get to vote on anything that really matters because we only get to choose between pile of crap A or pile of crap B instead of options and candidates we ourselves have selected.

2. We have never had any real way of knowing if our votes were counted! And . . .

3. We have never had the ability to see how others voted which if you stop to think about it, is TOTALLY BACKWARDS.  For instance would you support someone who elected officials responsible for mask mandates and forced vaccinations with untested vaccines or for legalizing pedophilia, promoting transgender in schools or ruining the lives of millions of our youths from fighting in unnecessary wars? Of course not but you currently have no way to see how others vote! That means anyone could be a traitor and you’d never even know it which is exactly the case! We’re going to change all of that and end corruption around the world with this sort of transparency! There will no longer be any way for treasonous scum to hide! 






(For those using the Spanish translator, please go to the professionally translated page for accuracy in legal terminology.)

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OK, this all begins with a simple acknowledgement that things are completely out of hand and We the People have to say NO MORE.


For Democracy, Freedom & Justice

We The People Do NOT Consent To:

We Say No to: US Officials Keeping Traitorous Alliances or Supporting Bigoted Special Interests of Citizens United, Super Pacs, the ADL, AIPAC, SPLC, JDL, & Etc. Anti-Democratic Entities

We Say No to: The Plethora of Illegal and Anti-Democratic Presidential Orders and Other Non-Congressional Changes To The Constitution Of The United States of America and our Bill of Rights

We Say No to: Any Minority Religious, Ethnical or Other Group Owning/Controlling the Majority of U.S. TV/Radio Channels, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Movie Studios, Banks and Largest Corporations

We Say No to: Diplomatic Immunity, Noahide and Sharia Laws Passed By Congress Which Make It Legal for Some to Cheat, Rape, Persecute & Enslave the Common Man at Home or Abroad

We Say No to: All Forms of Government Sponsored/Sanctioned Propaganda and Use of Psychological Warfare to Oppress We The People Via Mental Conditioning/Programming of All Kinds

We Say No to: Covert Modification Of Earths’ Weather via HAARP, NEXRAD and/or the Introduction of Harmful Metallic, Chemical or Biological Elements Into Our Air, Water, Soils or Food

We Say No to: Eugenics & Population Control via Private Labeling of Foods, GMOs, Tainted Vaccines, Flouridated Drinking Water, Psychotropic Drugs & Etc. Harms of All Kinds to the General Public

We Say No to: Unwelcome and Unnecessary, Non-Court Ordered Data Mining, Sharing of Private Info, Surveillance and Recordings of All Kinds By Government and/or Commercial Entities

We Say No to: The U.S. Government Allowing Censorship or Banning of Truthful Information by Publicly Traded Companies Such as Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or the “Big 5“ of Media

We Say No to: The Fraudulently Enacted Federal Reserve Act of 1913, We Demand the FED (or it’s replacement, i.e. “Outbank”) Be Owned and Governed By “We The People” As it Used to Be

We Say No to: Our Youths and Our Military Being Used To Terrorize and Heinously Murder Completely Innocent, Non-Aggressive, Unarmed Men, Women and Children Anywhere on Earth

We Say No to: Traitorous Communists, Fascists or Socialists Having Dual Citizenship In the United States of America or Working in Our Government, Schools, Media or Entertainment Industries

We Say No to: Being “Policed” by Dangerous SWAT Teams In Military Assault Vehicles Armed w/Military Grade Projectiles, Sonic, Electromagnetic, Radiation or Other Combat Weaponry

We Say No to: The Department of Army Field Manual 30-39.40 and the Army Regulation 210-35 for Civilian Inmate Labor Program, 2 Documents Every American Must Be Aware Of

We Say No to: Any US Officials’ Involvement w/Occult (secretive) Practices of Talmudism, Satanism or Luciferianism (Yale’s Skull & Bones, the Bohemian Club, CFR, etc.)

NOT Oligarchy, Oppression & Injustice!
Dear Compatriot, along with all that, you’ve also been cunningly robbed of your ability to vote on any issues that really matter to you. But regaining your rights is simple, painless, peaceful and rewarding both personally and monetarily (if desired by the majority, see initiative #9). That said, there is another important use for this ballot that comes with a very serious note of caution; Those who don’t support this are LITERALLY YOUR MORTAL ENEMIES, BEWARE. They seek to enact martial law to safeguard themselves from retaliation by you and your fellow countrymen/women upon your awakening. As you should be able to clearly see, the people responsible for all the above don’t care one iota about you and yours. Use your head, see the obvious, if someone balks at this or refuses to participate, ask yourself why? Who wouldn’t want democracy in America and why would anyone be opposed to the TRUTH, FREEDOM & JUSTICE??? The reason of course is they’re treasonous, criminal bigots who like all crooks don’t want to be caught. Your freedom, security and likely even your life itself depend on this working, inform others & support REAL DEMOCRACY!


Next the ballot itself, but first a quick note; Just as an FYI; we’ll be able to change any of the 26 initiatives below if the majority decides to. (Basically, someone had to come up with the first set to empower folks to do all of this so, that was us. They’re excellent, common sense initiatives which we kept simple/short so they could fit on just 2 letter sized sheets of paper. So, some fine tuning will surely be required and of course many new ones will be adopted. But we have the launching pad and that’s all We the People needed!)

Upon Determination of Majority Rule of Voters from My County by the Person I Hereby Appoint I Demand all Parts of this be Immediately Adopted as Law Without Delay/s of Any Kind for any Reason/s and any Individuals Responsible for Delay/s will be Considered Committers of the Crime of Treason Punishable by We the People (WTP) Without Legal Procedure. By exercising my constitutional, God given right to vote in this democratic process, I understand and agree; I am 16 years of age or older; I have lived in the USA for 1 or more years to date; and I will only vote once on this UNIDIGI PUBLIC BILL #1:

I Have Read and Agree with the "Do Not Consent Notice" and Want All Voices Heard In This REAL Democratic Process
Aside from the Qualifiers in the Paragraph Above I Demand that All Votes Hereto be Accepted by My City, County, State and Federal Government/s Without Protest/s or Refusal/s of Any Kind and; I Hereby Appoint associates of the Affirmative Action Alliance overseen by David Allender of Unidigi Authority for Collecting All Votes to Determine Majority Will of WTP in My County and Informing My Sheriff and/or Other Controlling Officials of What They Must Do to Conform Herewith. Any Resistance From Anyone to Adhere to my Demand Shall be Considered Treason Punishable by WTP Without Legal Procedure.
Henceforth WTP Will Select All City, County, State and Federal Servants and Must Pre-Approve All Major Govt Actions
I Believe All Major Decisions (candidates, elections, firing of government employees, changes in policy, law, monetary or resource expenditures, military aggression and whatever else we choose ongoing) Must Require Majority Public Support Found By Way of Free, Secure and Transparent Online Polling and Voting with or other online resource per the majority will of WTP.
Support and Funding to Build a New Public Owned Internet Resource to be Solely Owned and Regulated By WTP
I Demand Free Speech, Total Security/Privacy in All Transactions and a Transparent, Electronic System for Polls and Voting of All Kinds with FREE and Convenient Access For Everyone. Upon Passage of This Bill I Want my County to Provide Unidigi with 1% of its Annual Forecasted Revenue to be Paid Within 30 Days to Begin Accomplishing This and Continuing Each Year Henceforth.
Full Government and Media Cooperation With We the People In Informing the Public About This Bill
Any Censoring of this Project or Failure to See It Gets Full, Honest Coverage (especially by govt officials and media persons) is Traitorous to WTP. Silence is Aiding and Abetting the Enemy As Well As Dereliction of Duty When There’s an Obvious Requirement to Act for the Common Good, Both are Felonies to be Punishable Without Legal Procedure Henceforth by WTP.
Youths Deserve Equal Say In All Matters Relevant to Their and Our Immediate Futures
The Minimum Age Requirement of 18 to Vote is Nonsensical. If any Person 16 (sixteen) Years of Age or Older is of Sound Mind and Can Comprehend The Basis of These Issues Being Voted On, They Should Have a Say in Voting Now and Henceforth.
Cease Foreclosures and Evictions of WTP from Primary Residences and Illegalize Credit Checks For Housing
26 Million U.S. Homes Handed To Corrupt FED Banksters for Absolutely FREE by U.S. Sheriffs Since 2000 is Enough. Regardless of Ones' Credit Score or Financial Condition I Want Everyone to Have a Home and Wish To End Homelessness.
Investigate, Arrest and Prosecute All Parties Suspected of Involvement in 9/11 and Other Terrorist False Flag Ops
WTP Want a New Fully Transparent Investigation of the Events Leading Up to and Following 9/11 with Our Questions Answered by All Suspects. No Closed Doors, Hedging, Skirting or Avoidance of Pertinent Questions. Aside from Personal Issues Having to do with Family, Sex or Health, I Believe at Risk of Treason, All Public Officials Must Be Legally Required To Publicly Answer All Reasonable Questions Posed to Them, Especially on the Horrific 9/11 Attacks and All Acts of Aggression Stemmed Therefrom.
Build a Team with Authority Over All Military and Law Enforcement Personnel Dedicated To Arresting Criminals
Corrupt Judges, Politicians, Bankers and Others Guilty of Treason, Fraud or Subversion of Our Constitutional Rights Must be Brought to Justice. I Support Justice by Approving that David Allender (the organizer of this) Lead a Team of His Choosing with Full Authority Over All Law Enforcement and Military Personnel and Issuance of Warrants for Arrests and Detention of Suspects.
I Want My and Others' Time and Monetary Investments Into This Effort of Ending Corruption To Be Repaid
WTP are Dealing with these Issues Solely Due to Acts of Criminals, Those Taking Action to End Corruption Deserve to be Repaid at a rate of $15/hr for Time and 2x Reimbursement for Money Contributed to Unidigi and the Affirmative Action Alliance.
Repeal All Laws Which in Any Way Restrict Manufacture, Sale, Possession or Use of Guns for Self Defense
All Forms of Gun Control are Unconstitutional and I Want Everyone of Sound Mind Among WTP to Have the Full, Original Version of Rights Afforded to us by The Second Amendment Without Exception Nor Dilution of any Kind Regardless of Anything Past, Present or Future. This is to be Effective Henceforth and Any Attempt to Undermine it Will Be Considered an Act of Treason.
Take Corruption Out of Elections, End The Electoral College, Lobbying and Non-Public Financing of Campaigns
I Want All Elections To Be Simple, Balanced and Fair with ZERO Monetary Involvement From Private or Business Entities, Each Candidate Should Get Equal Funding and Equal Airtime In Broadcast/Print/Web Presence and Equal Time In Debates, All To Be Provided, Monitored and Enforced Respectively By Publicly Regulated Election Commissions to be created henceforth.
Public Officials Against This Effort (as evidenced by their non or no votes hereto) Must Resign Immediately
I Want My County and Country To Function as a Constitutional, Democratic Republic. I Will Not Tolerate the Advancement of Communism, Fascism or Socialism. Public Officials Who Swore Oaths To Uphold The Constitution But Don’t, Will Be Considered Guilty of Treason Which is Punishable By Death Under the Law to be Upheld Henceforth Without Legal Procedure by WTP.

The Affirmative Action Alliances' Independence Declaration

The Following Decree is Fully Supported by My Constitutional Rights Provided by the 10th Amendment as Follows;
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This law gives WTP, “the electorate” right to change or create ANY LAW by majority will.

I formerly protest to being lied to, propagandized, defrauded, oppressed, diseased or poisoned by corrupt, evil, murderous subversives in our government, corporations, churches and media. I agree that subversion is treason and genocide is murder which must be treated and prosecuted as such. While bringing said subversives to justice, I agree the only *actions WTP can be held legally responsible for are Murder, Rape, Fraud, Trespassing and Theft against WTP only and any act not of self defense causing physical harm to WTP or property thereof. (No penalties for acts of civil or self defense, citizens arrests, not wearing a helmet, seatbelt, glasses or possession/use of naturally occurring plants/microbes or doing anything else innocuous to WTP, animals or the earth.) I want this to be retroactive and demand the immediate release from prisons and jails nationwide of all WTP that would be non-offenders under this new law. All uses of WTP (We the People) herein are to be defined as those whose yes votes were accepted by a verified or higher level Unidigi user and have an active status at at any time henceforth.

Outside of the *actions listed above, no form of noncompliance by WTP of any law shall be grounds for any form of indictment, punishment or penalties whatsoever, this shall include but not be limited to WTP not paying sales, use, property, income or any other taxes, fines, penalties or payments outside those due to WTP or those determined by juries made up solely of WTP. There will be no suspension or denial of financial, nutritional, educational, or medical support to WTP nor requirements of insurance, degrees, authorizations, tests, registrations, ratings and/or licenses of any kind for WTP to vote, live, educate, work, drive, travel, communicate and function in society nor shall there be any limitations to WTP for transacting or communicating in any manner.

I hereby assert my natural rights inherent to the condition of human existence including, but not limited to, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as well as the right to treat, heal and cure myself without limitation whatsoever by all natural and/or other means at my disposal, and to keep and bear arms with any and all types of weaponry that I alone deem necessary to aid in defense of the lives of myself, my family and friends as well as to protect our freedom, liberty and property from ALL aggressors.

I agree that excepting the rest of Gods' Laws, the language of this part 13 will be the whole of the law for WTP which supersedes any and all other laws of man or polity and that such law along with those established by this "UNIDIGI PUBLIC BILL #1" shall only apply to WTP as defined herein and that WTP are immune from arrest and/or detainment for other crimes and that said immunity must be determined by authorities by identifying WTP within the database at as active members.
Nullify Statutes of Limitations, Immunities and Any Other Obstacles for Prosecuting Crimes Committed by Any Public Official, Govt Employee or Contractor (Past or Present) and Nullify Immunity From Lawsuits Against Them
We The People Must Have the Ability to Hold All Persons Guilty of Crime Accountable Like Anyone Else; No One is Above the Law. And in Like Fashion Absolutely No One Can Be Immune From Being Sued to Pay for Harms or Wrongs Done to Others.
Build Out to Enable We the People To Have Direct, Open Communications With Our Public Officials
We The People Must Have Simple and Free Ways to Contact Our Public Officials and Require a Timely Response From Them on Any Matter of Importance to Public Welfare. All Such Communications Must Be Available to the Public in Real Time Online.
Build Out as a Tool For WTP to Hold Public Officials Accountable Via Online Polling and Voting
I Want a Simple, Free and Effective Check and Balance System for We The People to Oversee the Promoting, Demoting or Firing of Our Public Officials. No One Working for the Public Should Have a Virtually Guaranteed, Often Life Long and Well Paid Career Without Being Deserving of it. I Want to Return to the Fundamental Guidelines of The Articles Of Confederation Written By Our Forefathers Which Say Holding Public Office is an Act of Civic Duty Not a Golden Ticket For Money, Power or Fame.
All Forms of Animal Cruelty and Abuse are Criminal Acts as Prescribed by Current Laws Which Must be Upheld
As A Caring, Compassionate and Responsible Steward of This Earth I Want to Put an End to the Torturous, Inhumane Businesses of Factory Farming, Animal Laboratory Testing and Incarceration of Innocent Animals for Any For Profit Purpose. Animal Cruelty is a Felony, Dollar Signs Do Not Justify it and Those Guilty Must Be Stopped and Held Accountable by Law.
Anyone Suspected of Criminal Activity by WTP Must Be Arrested & Cited Immediately Regardless of Other Opinions
Those Suspected of Committing any Crime by Two or More of WTP with ID Levels 8 or Higher Must Upon Reporting by Them Be Cited by Law Enforcement if a Misdemeanor or if a Felony Arrested by Law Enforcement or By WTP with Whatever Use of Force Required and if Survived to be Incarcerated in the Nearest Jail Without Bond Until Convicted or Deemed Innocent by a Jury Made up Exclusively of WTP.
Criminalize Mass Sending of Unsolicited Mail, Text Messages, Robocalls, Polling, Advertising and Telemarketing
I Want Stiff, Mandatory Penalties of a $5,000 Fine and 10 Days in Jail for Every Count of This Violation. Those Responsible for Filling Up Our Email Inboxes, Mail Boxes and Phones With Ads, Junk, Scams and Filth Must Be Stopped and Held Accountable.
Require Audio and Video Recording of All On Duty Public Officials for Transparency
I Insist On Recording the Actions and Speech of Public Officials While in Their Workspaces Throughout Their Term/s of Service.
Prosecute All Those Who Falsified Covid19 Information or Supported Violation of Our Constitutional Rights Over It
It is Now Established Fact that Due to the Govts' Total Lack of Early Response Millions of Americans Have Had CV19 as Far Back as Dec of 2019 and that it is Far Less Deadly than We Were Told. Death Certificates were Widely Falsified by Hospitals, Small Businesses were Forced to Close While the Big Ones Weren't, Healthy People were Unnecessarily Quarantined for the 1st Time in History and Safe, Proven Treatments/Cures were Intentionally Withheld. All this Ridiculousness is satanic in Origin and I Want Those Guilty of Such Things to Be Punished for Treason by the Courts or if Necessary by WTP Without Legal Procedure.
I Demand All Unrecorded Meetings of Public Officials Be Considered Most Likely as Treasonous
Any Public Official Participating in Secret Unrecorded Meetings Not Open to the General Public or Media Shall be Considered a Potential Traitor to WTP to be Solely Determined by WTP and Dealt with Accordingly Henceforth. I Demand Transparency.
I Demand An Immediate Halt To The Implementation and Use of 4G+ and 5G Technology In My County
I want all equipment capable of broadcasting above 4G (including 4G+) in my county shut down, rendered useless immediately.
Prosecute Those Responsible for Poisoning WTP with Known Toxins in Foods, Meds and Vaccines for Manslaughter
The basis being EVERYTHING harmful to ones health should have been clearly labeled as such at minimum or banned entirely.
Remove Travel Restrictions and Cease All Forms of Government and Corporate Surveillance and Tracking of WTP
Henceforth GPS is to be Used Solely by WTP Without Unwanted Oversight by Any Entity and Aside from Verifying our Identity as One of WTP There will be No ID Checks, Searches, Tracking, Restrictions on Gatherings or Movements of WTP Whatsoever.
End the FED Starting With All Banks in My County by Utilizing Digital Currency from Unidigi DBA OutBank
At Risk of Being Automatically Guilty of Treason for Failure to Comply I Want All Corporate Officers of my Bank, Its' Management and Staff to Accept Transfer of My Digital Outbank Currency and Exchange it Dollar for Dollar for Deposit Into My Account Within 72 Hours of Receipt of Proof of Transfer from Me Via
How’s that “for a change”?!
Aside from voting and supporting this effort, the best use of everyones’ time from here on out will be in taking care of your body, mind and soul at;
~ Peace, David & Peggy ~
NOTE: Comments are not being monitored due to lack of time.

39 thoughts on “The Revolutionary“ AAA Ballot

  1. I can think of a lot of other things I’d like to vote on. First and foremost, I want to vote with the internet! That’s a complete no brainer in this day and age. It’s also a sure sign that we Americans have been deceived and oppressed. There’s not a single reason we shouldn’t be voting on the net and anyone who says otherwise is anti-democracy, anti-equality and anti-American. Yep, it’s a no brainer but I’ve already met one piece of shite who’s against it and he’s my brother in law! This really is like a spotlight to expose traitors.

    • That’s right Matt. It’s a self evident truth that totally proves just how much we’ve been deceived and oppressed. There is zero reason not to use the net to vote when we use it for quite literally EVERYTHING ELSE.

      • Joel Barnes said:

        It would obviously give We The People too much control over our country and lives. Welcome to China.

      • We should have a say in absolutely everything our country does, instead we have none. It’s why I haven’t voted in over a decade.

        • That’s actually spot on you guys. We’re not that far from being exactly like China or Russia. The difference is there’s still enough of us who actually believe in freedom and equality to the point we’ll fight for it so, they have to deceive us into “thinking we have it” instead. This is why having the truth is critical and these guys have done a killer job at condensing what we need to know into the dozen or so newsletters at the Goyim Gazette and the whale of a site at! Buckle your belts and enjoy this very positive and memorable ride is all I can say!

          So, hi David, the ballot looks great! What is the plan, when and where can we start voting with them?

        • Ya, good question. I’ll sure the hell vote with this, where do I go?

          • David Allender said:

            It’s all in the works guys. Voting with the internet is going to be a reality for every county where the majority of voters vote yes on initiatives #2 and #3 of the ballot you just read. Then their states and ergo, America!

            This is all a process, and it was slow like molasses from our standpoint! We up-fitted the first mobile ballot taking rig back in 2016. (a customized 2015 Dodge Promaster van complete with security cameras, wireless hub and Ipads to enter the votes with at Unidigi) We were envisioning having about a thousand of them on the road taking ballots and distributing the AAA and Goyim Gazette newsletters all across America. Here’s our prototype unit before the snow flew way back then in Dec;


            Later in Feb;


            During the course of the last 35 years of starting dozens of various businesses, I’ve never done custom plates for a company vehicle. But since “UNIDIGI” was a perfect fit for the 7 digit max of WA’s custom license plates I couldn’t resist! Anyway, we figured we’d need 1 to service an average of 3 counties each, some taking care of up to 20 or so less populated counties while other metropolitan areas will require multiple units each.

            They were really nice rigs, fun to drive and even though it’s the equivalent of a 3/4 ton pickup it felt like a luxury vehicle. (the payload capacity is required to carry 10,000 AAA Ballots and 5000 AAA/GG “book packs” for distribution) We ran this one over to the coast for a couple weeks and found the diesel engines get around 30 miles per gallon! Technology is amazing. So was seeing the horizon over the ocean! Especially after having just completed and printed “The Big Issue” of the Goyim Gazette!!!


            That’s our buddy Bear and I, he was going through his 2nd bout with cancer so, we were trying to make sure and enjoy every last minute with him. (By the way, if that seems strange here, take note this is a “real” grassroots organization being created by “real” people just like YOU, NOT the CIA. You don’t know it yet but that’s saying something because every single activist we’ve seen in the last 10 years has turned out to be “controlled opposition” funded and headed by lying scum!)

            On another note, we just received the first batch of 6 badges for 2 local teams which is strangely exciting. (Creating the mold for the first one was about $1,000 so it was a big deal in that regard plus very cool from the design point of view, being as I did the art!) Also, I’ve never in my life sought or expected to wear badge before so that’s going to be an awesome experience in and of itself given the extremely moral, righteous and weighty nature of the work!


            And by the way, if you think all of this sounds “TOO BIG”, you don’t understand who’s behind it! Hint, it’s not just Peggy and I!!! We are nothing but humble servants, worker bees. will explain all of this better but just let it be known, God, destiny, nature, angels, the matrix or whatever you want to call the supernatural forces churning around us all, has a funny way of getting things done precisely as they must be done as well as precisely when they must be done, we no longer question anything! And there is no stopping this!

            And on that note, I’ll end this with a fun coincidence about what Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus have all been taught regarding “riders on white horses” in “end times” (the beginning of the messianic age). Look what color the AAA vans are!!! (as well as our 04 Lincoln Town Car and 99 Ford Pickup, the first white vehicles I’ve ever owned!) Yea, and if the AAA vans happen it will be like a Thousand White Horses! Ha, ha, ha! 😉


            • David Traxler said:

              That’s really cool! I’m interested in doing this here in Texas. How does one go about getting more info?

              Also, sorry to hear about your pup. Just lost mine about a year ago. 🙁

              • Hell ya, I’m interested too. I donate my time locally as much as I can, if I could get paid I’d do it all the time!

              • I hear you Chip, who wouldn’t?

                That’s a bummer about Bear guys, it’s too bad they can’t stick around with us longer. Sounds like he’s done a good job and had quite a life with you though!

                But as to this ballot and work . . . Yes, I’m DEFINITELY interested David!!! After all of this learning for the past couple years, I’m ready to get to work. I’ll bet you guys are too! (well, you’ve obviously been working but you know what I mean, this is the action portion!)

                • David Allender said:

                  Ya, I hear you Ron! I’ll email you guys some info as soon as we’ve got things buttoned down in terms of the how to’s.

                  Anyone else who’s interested in taking ballots in their area can contact us with the contact button on any of our sites.

                  And . . . thanks for caring about us, Bear and our country.

                • I’ve never seen anything like this and I’d definitely vote with it.

                  You know there are many activist groups with millions of members in the USA who could help get this thing off the ground quicker.

                  I already belong to a few including the National Liberty Alliance, the National Rifle Association and We Are Change. If you’d like me to contact some higher ups I’d be happy to!

                  Anyway, kudos on what I’ve seen so far!

                  • Sounds like you haven’t read the landmark AAA newsletter Saad! There are zero real activists groups that We The People have ever been allowed to participate in. But I guess that’s a spoiler, just delete this David if you want to.

                    • David Allender said:

                      Nah, it’s ok Ron. It doesn’t hurt to brace oneself a bit for these kinds of a truths!


                      EVERYTHING IS A LIE.

                      And Saad, you are more than welcome to contact anyone and everyone regarding this project. However, what you’ll find is while some of your fellow members may well be interested in helping out, the “higher ups” will shun you. Go try and see for yourself right now and let us know what happens.

                      That’ll do it!

                    • Barry said:

                      Yep, that will do it! None of the supposed “activists groups” are real which is why they never accomplish anything of any import.

                      I think that’s why I keep coming back to the ballot, this is “the change” part everyone is yearning for. This is where it’s all going to start, and end.

                      Just finished reading up around here and at the GG, everyone will see the magnitude and glory of what’s going on!

                    • Sandra B. said:

                      This is hard to believe but I must say, it would make perfect sense. Just like voting with the net. Hmmm.

  2. OK, this is as far as I’ve got so far so I guess we’ll soon see about all that.

    I can and will say this much, this ballot could work! The thing is, our corrupt politicians and civil servants don’t want we the people to know that the ultimate legal authorities in the land are the county sheriffs. This was established from the time of the Founding Fathers and more recently upheld by the US Supreme Court in the 1997 case of Printz v. United States.

    The case involved the Brady Bill and gun control. FBI agents went around to various county sheriffs demanding they follow the new federal guidelines. Then Graham County (AZ) Sheriff Richard Mack and several others saw the Brady Bill as being unconstitutional and refused to impose the new federal guidelines. Part of their defense was that the county sheriff was the supreme law enforcement officer over their county and that the federal government could not supersede their legal authority. They won!

    Referring to President Madison, Supreme Court Judge Scalia wrote:

    “In the compound republic of America, the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments, and then the portion allotted to each subdivided among distinct and separate departments. Hence a double security arises to the rights of the people. The different governments will control each other, at the same time that each will be controlled by itself.” (P. 922).

    In other words, the county sheriff is the highest governmental authority in his county and he does not have to bow to the tyranny of the federal government if he deems such actions to be unconstitutional or unlawful. In essence, the county sheriff has more legal authority within his county than the governor or the state or even the president of the United States.

    • I knew Sheriffs had authority in their counties but not to that extent. This is all very interesting.

    • David Allender said:

      Uh huh, useful too Barry! Thanks Thomas, sounds like you’re familiar with this facet of the law too. Now imagine having a new office, a new arm of the law to oversee all the sheriffs in the USA, as you read, that’s what we aim to achieve with the ballot. We want to take the “if he deems such actions to be unconstitutional or unlawful” part out of their authority and put the will of We The People ahead of them where it always should have been.

      There’s also something else that occurs during the process of exposing the corruption to the deputies, city/county council members, other elected or appointed officials and their families and friends. It puts tons of pressure on them to take a stand for justice and equality where there used to be relatively none.

      It is in this respect that many of our government workers are no different than us, deceived! And they especially don’t appreciate awakening to evil, lying, subversive traitors to America straight out of the bible who are working and living right next to them day in and day out!

      Who am I talking about you ask? Tisk, tisk, tisk, it’s a little too soon to begin down that rabbit hole in earnest! Just hang on, a wee bit more deprogramming would be wise.


    • Ya, kinda like there’s this whole group of people living in America who are not who they say they are huh? Many of them probably even falsely claim to be atheists, muslims and christians so they can fit in. I think you’d call them some sort of a tribe wouldn’t you?

    • Oh boy, I see where this is going! Well, it’s about time someone talked about the evil in our world.

      I’m an ex police officer and I agree it is also time for the sworn protectors of our liberties, the sheriffs of these United States of America, to walk tall and defend us from all enemies; foreign AND DOMESTIC, where our greatest threat lies. (yes David, I know) And no, I’m not talking about Muslims or Mexicans, people have no idea but I’ll leave that part to the authors around here.

      The thing about this ballot is when sheriffs are put in the quandary of choosing between enforcing statutes from vapid politicians or keeping their oaths of office, the path and choice is clear, “I solemnly swear or affirm, that I will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” That’s what every single elected official swears to, it’s time to hold them to their words and yes, we do need a new arm of the law dedicated just for that!!!

      It sounds good to me, I’ll definitely vote with this and I’d also be happy to get involved anytime.

      • Hmmmm, you’ve got me curious about who you guys are talking about? Is it the masons, illuminati, CFR??? Anyway, this is excellent but some Sheriffs may require “a nudge” from the public!!! (the corrupt or cowardly ones) Nonetheless, now that I think about it, this will likely get that job done automatically if enough people support it. Bad apples won’t want to live or work in “awakened” communities! They’ll run from the light like a mouse from a cat!

        • Thadeus Moore said:

          Exactly! The “When Do We Leave Video, this ballot and that “We Do Not Consent” graphic on the back alone should open anyone’s eyes. I can see how this will be an effective tool for both educating and action. From what I’ve seen so far it seems perfect, I can’t think of anything to add or change.

          But, who are you guys talking about?

          • Let me just say, telling you now wouldn’t be kosher Thadeus. That aside, I’ve just got to say WOW, this is interesting! Good work! My daughter and I will gladly help this cause here in Denver. Please let us know when you’re ready!!!

            • David Allender said:

              Sure thing Joyce, it won’t be long now. And when this thing gets rolling it’s going to snowball, just watch!

              As to who we’re talking about, some law enforcement officers like Carla know but not many and it’s usually why they’re “ex” police who decided not to work for “them” anymore. (Which is truly a shame because we need all the good guys in uniform that we can get) Anyway Thadeus don’t worry, you’ll find out all about who your only real enemies on earth have ever been soon enough when you’re done with your tour around here!

              Wakey, wakey sleepyheads!

              • Well sir, I’m back here for a refresher on the action portion of things after reading up at your other sites and I must say “wakey wakey” is an understatement! It’s more like CLANG, CLANG, CLANG, WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

                WOW. Just WOW! Very awesome!!!

                By the way, sorry about Bear. I feel like I was just getting to know him.

                • Hi Samantha and everyone and/or “good morning sleepy heads!” 🙂

                  Thanks for the kindness and concerns about everything, but as for Bear, the fat lady hasn’t sang yet! We cured him of invasive, end term cancer with Rick Simpsons oil about 14 months ago and we’re giving it another go now. (I think we screwed up by not keeping him on a maintenance regimen with the oil) Anyway, as of today he’s eating, playing and getting back to normal! Hopefully, he’ll be in the 1st truthmobile (the van pictured above) doing his job of making people smile while we’re going through the prophetic motions of change!

                  Whether it’s playing, protecting, snacking, snuggling or smiling, Bear’s message is to NEVER GIVE UP! Let’s follow his teachings!!!

                  • Indian Princess said:

                    That’s beautiful Peggy, I’m with you guys. I’ll never give up!

  3. GreaseMonkey said:

    Well, this really is something alright, I’ve never seen anything like that report card in the 1st issue or this ballot. Very unique, DEEP and “truthy”.

    I’m wondering how it works though. For instance, it says the votes are public record which makes tons of sense, but how do we see who voted and how they voted? Also;

    How do we know if the votetakers are honest? You could easily throw away whichever ballots you didn’t like just like I’m sure the govt does now!

    How do you check a kids identity since they don’t have IDs?

    How do we participate in deciding which things to vote on in the future? I get the idea someone had to go ahead and come up with the ones we see on this ballot (and they’re good ones!) but I have a few ideas too. How does this work?

    Anyway, that’s just a few questions from someone who’s not even into politics, I’m a mechanic. I can likely come up with more if I think about it.

    • David Allender said:

      Excellent questions,

      Results will be uploaded to daily by AAA Votetakers, that’s their job. Note, these folks aren’t paid, they only make money from donations which are considered to be “currency exchanges”. Anything you give them will be matched at a rate of 10,000x with our new digital currency from Outbank. (Which we provide to them in their accounts at

      To avoid dishonesty, we simply ensure tracking of each and every ballot online, each is uniquely numbered and must be accounted for. Also, you get an email that confirms your vote when you’re done so you can verify your votes online.

      Kids without IDs (which most are) must be ID verified in person by the AAA Votetaker by way of school yearbook or by coming to the polling station with their parents (who will also be ID verified at this time with thier IDs) and the childs’ birth certificate. Also, if the AAA Votetaker knows the kid or the parents (or anyone else) he/she can ID verify them without doing the above.

      Future votes will be decided upon by simple polls at If you’ve got ideas, share them!

      We’ll be posting an FAQ .pdf here shortly, just trying to get caught up on other things right now.

      Thanks for inquiring!

      • Hi David, things are looking good around here. You guys have done a lot of great work in the last few years that everyone needs to commend you for!

        So, I’ve got a few topics I’d like to see on the next ballot!

        No taxation of any kind whatsoever.

        No Government regulations or influence whatsoever regarding health or personal decisions regarding ones own safety (i.e. helmets, seat belts, vaccinations, checkups, diet, etc.)

        Introduce term limits and salary reductions for congress and all elected officials. Give the ones we like bonuses and fire the rest.

        Reverse all presidential executive orders for the last couple decades.

        Fully legalize growing, use and possession of ALL naturally occurring plants and microbes given to us by nature/God.

        Make conspiracy laws into felonies with life and death sentences instead of misdemeanors.

        Create laws that actually and completely separate church and state, no more popes overseeing the U.N. nor presidents palling around with church leaders or pandering to their evil agendas.

        Fire every last dirtbag banker and CEO of any war profiteering corps and “deport” their asses to Hades.

        Expunge all criminal records excepting fraud, theft, rape and murder. (maybe a couple others I’m missing)

        Seriously illegalize junk mail, spam, trolling, shilling and telemarketing

        Redefine the crime of “assault” to mean physically hurting someone without good cause punishable by the degree of harm done. (You’ll learn David knows all about this one, he was charged/framed with felony assault for supposedly scaring a worthless little “???” who was illegally trespassing on his property after disregarding 6 no trespassing signs on a half mile long road into his remote and private property!!!)

        Make equality the rule, anyone or group who thinks they’re better than the rest of us deserves to be incarcerated or executed.

        And to go along with the 12 commandments and lessons on the homepage here; Illegalize factory farms, go back to traditional, humane ways of getting along with our animal friends!

        And lastly, make hanging the satanic little racist fuckers you guys aren’t naming from the light poles completely legal. (ya, I obviously know all about “the tribe”) Actually, let’s make it an obligation for everyone do their parts in eradicating them!!!

        Well, that’s only the tip of my list but I bet you guys have the same ideas as I do.

        Again, good job around here, I’ll be keeping an eye on things. I’m pretty much ready for anything at the drop of hat.

      • GreaseMonkey said:

        Whoa CJ! But the thing is, I agree 110%!!!

        Just finished reading the AAA newsletter and the Goyim Gazette primer issue. . . . WOW. No wonder people like CJ are wound up, what a lie we’ve been living!

        And I appreciate you taking the time to fill me/us in David. Looks like you guys have thought about this just a little bit huh? 😉

        This is easily the most truth I’ve ever had in one sitting! Really great stuff, it’s a little rich or dense though (to put it lightly) and a few things will be hard for some to accept but like you say, the truth is the truth! And these are some very, very big ones that quite literally EVERY AMERICAN NEEDS TO KNOW!

        Anyway, I don’t doubt you guys in the least anymore. I’d like to make a suggestion though, I think you need to do a video or two so people can get to know you. I’d have watched it right out of the gate after reading the ballot.

        The only other thing I’ve got to say is good job and thank you for all of this!

        • David Allender said:

          Thanks for the ideas CJ, you’re right, we’re on the exact same page! And as to my little legal fiasco with these worthless “???s” which you’ve obviously read or heard about; we should also RE-MAKE trespassing a real, easily prosecutable crime with plenty of leeway for the victim/s like it used to be. Other than being in real danger or need, there’s absolutely no reason for imposing upon anyone who’s simply peaceably existing on their own property! Go watch a few westerns and see what kind of welcomes trespassers got “back in the day”, that’s precisely how it should be still. Instead, any dirty little “???” can come snooping around on YOUR property for whatever lie of a reason they want to come up with and getaway with it. Worse yet, they can scream “assault”, “assault” by saying you SCARED them by yelling at them or driving your tractor too fast while they were trespassing and then have YOU thrown in jail! THIS IS NO BS, THIS IS NOW THE LAW IN EVERY STATE! It’s because “they” have rigged our legal systems in just about every way you can imagine which is why WE ARE HERE DOING THIS TO CHANGE IT.

          Along with that, I’m totally on board with everything you’ve said. A note about “separation of church and state”, the words do not exist in our Constitution. The idea comes from the 1st Amendment which states; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting free exercise thereof”. BUT; due to the extremely close ties between corrupt ??? leaders of our govt and the church of England (WHICH HAS CONTROLLED THE VATICAN 100% SINCE KING HENRY VIII) they have in fact broken the laws of the 1st Amendment by obfuscating original texts such as “The Gospel of The Holy Twelve” and the commandments thereto, which in turn does in fact prohibit/prevent free exercise thereof!

          I could go on for quite some time on what these lowlifes have done to Religion and our legal systems from the constitution on down but oops, Peggy and I have already done that elsewhere in pretty good detail. (The Goyim Gazette #000 for starters)

          And thanks for the words to GreaseMonkey, now you’re ready for “The Big Issue” of the Goyim Gazette. The 20 minutes you’ll spend there will result in the unfolding of the largest revelation of your life, HANDS DOWN. (If I’m wrong, come back here and say so!) Enjoy!

          As for a vid, it’s coming. I’m wanting to complete a few other things first though (i.e. my autobiography in GG #118 & #119, some field experience with ballot taking and completion of the GG Data DVD with this new site included). I’m also feeling some trepidation, I guess I’m not really sure what to talk about quite yet, that will come soon enough though, then you’ll probably wish you’d never requested a beginning to all of what I’ve got to say! 😉

          • Well, from what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think we’ll regret asking. I second the request for a video.

          • Definitely! I’d like to hear from both David and Peggy, better yet I’d love to meet you guys. We’ve been following your story for a couple years now, it’s been quite a journey for my husband and I. Especially recently, the AAA and new stuff over at the GG is superb. Good job! If you’re ever planning a trip near Duluth, MN drop us an email and we’ll take you out for dinner, our treat!

            Also, we’ve decided we’re very interested in doing the polling for our area so let me know what we need to do.

            Kudos guys!

            • Thank you both for your input, David’s taken a brief hiatus (we can only wait and see what’s revealed to him next!) but I’ll work on making sure these requests are fulfilled! I and David agree 100% on the video, everything in its time.

              • David Allender said:

                Well, I’m back with a final thought for this post. PLEASE READ THIS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!


                While I was on my brief “hiatus” I stopped by a local medical cannabis store in Wenatchee where we bought Bears’ first batch of Rick Simpsons’ oil back in Dec of 2014.

                The young couple who run the place displayed a good deal of interest in what’s going on in our world but like the vast majority, weren’t on the right track. (They had not accepted the elemental and essential truth about the identity of the group who is responsible for quite literally everything we’ve disclosed in the report card, ballot and elsewhere. This of course is the most important part of it all, knowing who’s who!)

                This has to do with the very important subject that we disclose in the next AAA issue you’re about to begin reading, that being the fact that ALL other popular activist groups are CIA propaganda and “controlled opposition”.

                Without going into that further here, there is one very, very, very important message I have to convey right now; the young man at the cannabis store told me that he’d thought of calling me over the course of the last year to let me know that I was right about the identity of the group we’re exposing (and will be prosecuting).

                After many years of he and his wife researching criminal conspiracies as well as several 1/2 hour to hour long encounters with me (where I was disclosing this primary and most important portion of things to them in no uncertain terms) neither he nor she had been able to break through the veil of this essential and elemental truth.

                They could not overcome all the psychological programming (propaganda) that We The People have endured at the hands of this corrupt biblical group of scum since birth because this couple was still feeding themselves with the same propaganda from the corrupt media which includes all major internet sites. (the group we’re exposing are also who nearly all the trolls and shills on the net work for, it’s all a psy-op, everything is) But this young man had finally came around and was exhibiting humility, now knowing my efforts to inform him long ago were in earnest and that the information I disclosed was fact, not fiction!

                The point is, YOU are no different than him or his wife or even Peggy and I. We too were exposed to this truth early on but it took us over a year to finally accept and confirm it for ourselves because there wasn’t anything like what you’re reading here for us to simply gobble up and digest. Again, this is why our materials are dense, it’s because like everyone these days, you want to get to the bottom line ASAP. You don’t have the time to perform tens of 1000s of hours of research like we have, that was our job. And here you have the fruit!

                Therefore; it is with great seriousness that I urge YOU TO CONSUME NOTHING BUT OUR MATERIALS until you have fully accepted and confirmed this elemental truth we’re working up to for yourself. I GUARANTEE AND PROMISE you that if you do this, YOU WILL NOT BE DECEIVED BY THE CONS WE CALL LEADERS OR THEIR MEDIA DARLINGS EVER AGAIN!

                If you do this very simple thing, for the first time in your life you will gain absolute clarity and 100% certainty of what the ancients referred to as “knowing good and evil”. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BELIEVERS AND NON WHO ARE PRONE TO REAL LIFE DEMONIC POSSESSION!

                Gen 3:5; “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil”.

                Gen 3:22; “And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever

                Don’t forget, I PROMISED YOU THIS RIGHT HERE IN BLACK AND WHITE. Don’t try to navigate or go “truthing” for yourself with other websites or materials until you’ve experienced

                Enjoy your awakening, in the end it will be very memorable and extremely beneficial for you, our country and our world!!!

                And with that, comments are now closed.

  4. Wow, that site is a whale. It’s going to take a while to digest. Just getting started on your Quran now too but so far you’re hitting the nail on the head. It’s the jews alright, I say start shooting them in the streets.

  5. David Allender said:

    You snuck that one in right as I was closing the comments Carroll. Surprised I even saw it, there’s like 2,300 spams in here. So, anyway thanks for educating yourself, the more of us that are awake, the better the world will become. Peace

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